Mollö discovers the world

Illustrated children´s book, 68 pages in hardcover

only available in German language for now, we are still working on a translation

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Mollö is a small Mollefant without ears. A very, very small Mollefant – so small he barely can glance over the tall grass. On his first journey with his family there is so much new to discover! Only too late he discovers that his horde is long gone. Luckily, shortly after, he meets Tribaldus, the hard-headed old stag beetle. Together they march on to the old Kröt, who always gives good advice. While they discover all sorts of strange things and meet Effi, the Kröt´s quirky and quick-witted little great-great-great-granddaughter, Mollö discovers a unique way of expressing himself.

Here is a sneak peak for you, so you can get a good impression of what the story is about:


And there is also a reading sample:


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